Sally Chambers

Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, Wp6 & WP9

Sally Chambers is Digital Humanities Research Coordinator at the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, Ghent University, Belgium where she coordinates the CLARIAH: Open Humanities Service Infrastructure and is National Coordinator for DARIAH Belgium. Sally is Chair of the DARIAH-EU National Coordinator Committee and member of the DARIAH-EU Senior Management Team. Sally initially worked in academic libraries in the UK in the mid-1990s before joining The European Library (the predecessor of Europeana) at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague in 2005. Previously, she was Secretary-General of DARIAH-EU based in the Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities, Germany before joining the GhentCDH in early 2015. Since late 2020, she divides her time between GhentCDH and the KBR, Royal Library of Belgium, where she coordinates the DATA-KBR-BE project to facilitate data-level access to KBR’s digitised and born-digital collections for digital humanities research. She is an active participant in the international Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) Labs community and a co-author of Open a GLAM Lab, a practical guide for setting up, running and maintaining a Digital Cultural Heritage Innovation Lab. In June 2021, Sally was appointed as the Executive Director of the Impact Centre of Competence in Digitisation. She combines this role with her work at the KBR, Royal Library of Belgium and Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities.