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TNA Fellow Seminar

Seminar announcement Maryl
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Digital humanities outputs in the light of research assessment reform

Dr Maciej Maryl, CLS INFRA TNA Fellow

This session includes a presentation and discussion around the recent ALLEA report Recognising Digital Scholarly Outputs in the Humanities, which underscores the transformative impact of digital practices on humanities scholarship. It addresses challenges in digital humanities, focusing on transparency in linking resources to publications, recognising updates as scholarly contributions, reevaluating authorship, fostering digital skills, and adjusting evaluation methods. It also provides recommendations on the assessment of digital outputs like editions, databases, infographics, code, blogs, and podcasts. Each case study includes practical examples and suggested readings.

Dr Maciej Maryl is a visiting CLS INFRA Fellow at University of Galway. He is an assistant professor and founding Director of the Digital Humanities Centre at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He graduated from the University of Warsaw in Polish Philology and Applied Social Sciences and completed doctoral studies at the Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR). He is involved in European research infrastructures for digital humanities as a member of OPERAS Executive Assembly, SSH Open Cluster Governing Board, and co-chair of DARIAH Digital Methods and Practices Observatory WG. His interests include data science applied to cultural data, innovation in scholarly communication and meta-research on digital practices in the humanities.

  • Date Wednesday 13 December
  • Time 1300-1400 IST (1400-1500 CET)
  • Venue G010, Hardiman Building

The session will also be streamed live on Zoom and recorded. Please register at this link to attend:

CLS INFRA Training School

June 10-12, 2024

The Annual Conference of Computational Literary Studies will also take place here on June 13-14. 



Digging for Gold: Knowledge Extraction from Text

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (National Open University or ‘UNED’), Madrid, Spain 9-11 May, 2023

Participants learned about SpaCy, Named Entity Recognition, and parts of speech, reading files and word embeddings. They  worked with Stylometry and Natural Language Processing to complete their own analyses, and practiced visualizing the results in a hands-on way. They saw case studies of the way these skills can be used with diverse corpora and datasets. They also learned about storing information through LINDAT.

CLS INFRA Training School



The CLS INFRA Training School hosted 25 in person and 15 online participants from 7-9 June 2022. 

Participants learned how to build, edit, annotate, and query a text corpus without a single line of code, structure texts with the XML-TEI, run an NLP tool to add linguistic information and tackle real research questions concerning Shakespeare’s dramas or other data by mastering CQL and Universal Dependencies.

Participants experienced these discipline-wide standards hands-on in TEITOK , KonText,  and UDPipe

See what our participants had to say about the Training School in our video.