Michal Křen & Václav Cvrček

Building, editing, annotating, and querying text corpora, as well as maintaining, customization and development of corpus tools, is our daily business at the Institute of the Czech National Corpus – and so is research! Here are some of our research questions: Do texts translated to Czech differ from original Czech texts? What style registers are there in Czech and do they correspond to what we have learned about genres and styles? What is typical of academic Czech? What are the most typical words (keywords) of a given text or a period of time? How does language evolve in time? How do speakers demonstrate power? Michal, a mathematician by background, did his Ph.D. in linguistics. Václav is a linguist and phonetician, fluent in related statistics and computing. We both have matured along with the Institute of the Czech National Corpus to serve our turns as department heads, and we both have been teaching corpus linguistics and basic linguistic programming to humanities students for many years.