Prof. José Manuel Fradejas Rueda


My name is José Manuel Fradejas Rueda and my position is Professor of Spanish Language.

At the Madrid Training School,

I’ll be teaching Text Analysis from a Literary and Linguistic point of view. The corpus I’ll be using is a set of pulp fiction novels published in Spanish between late 1940s and early 1990s. I will do some chronostylometry with a corpus of nearly 800 love novels written by Corín Tellado and nearly 200 novels set in California during its takeover by the US by José Mallorquí. The main character is a kind of Dick Turpin.

I’ve been engaged with computational text analysis (including text editing, mostly Medieval sources) since late 1980s, however I became more interested when I discovered R and how useful can be for a literary / linguistic scholar.

My best piece of advice for Training School students: don’t be afraid, and enjoy. Computers don’t bite.