Dr Joris van Zundert

Huygens Institute, WP4 Lead

Dr. Joris J. van Zundert is a senior researcher and developer in humanities computing in the department of literary studies and the Digital Humanities Lab at the Huygens Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His research focuses on computational algorithms to analyze literary and historical texts, and on aspects of humanities information and data modeling. His PhD research in the field of Science and Technology Studies focused on methodological effects of the interaction between software engineers and humanities scholars. He was awarded the title of doctor “cum laude” (with honors) on the basis of his dissertation Scholarship in Interaction in 2022. His computational analytic work focuses on the correlation between text immanent features of texts and sociological processes around the concept of literature. He is also involved in developing computational approaches to stemmatology, narratology, and scholarly editions. Dr van Zundert stepped in as WP4 lead in April 2024.