joanna byszuk

Institute of Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences (WP 1 & 3)

Joanna Byszuk is a research associate and a member of Computational Stylistics Group at the Institute of Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków. She has worked on ‘Foundations of Computational Stylistics’ (2018-2022) and ‘CLS Infra’ (2022-2025) projects, focusing on cross-lingual computational stylistics and advancing stylometric methodology and its understanding, especially locating method limitations and developing evaluation procedures. She was also engaged in the COST Action Distant Reading, where she was leading Working Group 2 ‘Methods and Tools’ (2020-2022), and in ‘Deep Learning in the Computational Stylistics’ collaboration with the University of Antwerp. She is interested in discourse analysis and sociolinguistics, especially in connection to ‘big data’ and multimodal perspective, establishing in her dissertation a methodology of multimodal stylometry for the study of audiovisual works.

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