Prof. Dr. Els Lefever

LT3/Ghent CDH, Ghent University , WP8

Els Lefever is an associate professor at the LT3 language and translation technology team at Ghent University. She started her career as a computational linguist at the R&D-department of Lernout & Hauspie Speech products and holds a PhD in computer science from Ghent University on ParaSense: Parallel Corpora for Word Sense Disambiguation (2012). She has a strong expertise in machine learning of natural language and multilingual natural language processing, with a special interest for computational semantics, cross-lingual transfer learning, cross-lingual word sense disambiguation and sentiment analysis, multilingual terminology extraction, and digital humanities. She was involved in the SCATE project (work package on bilingual terminology extraction from comparable corpora), the AMiCA project (work package on the automatic detection of cyberbullying events) and TExEval (automatic ontology extraction from term lists). Els is currently supervising PhD research on language modeling for low-resourced languages, argumentation mining in political social media text, the automatic detection of irony in online text, NLP approaches for Byzantine Greek Epigrams, cuneform tablets, and historical literature, and the automatic linking of medical lay and professional terminology to enhance comprehension of medical texts by patients. As a co-director of the Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities, Els builds on her expertise in machine learning of natural language and multilingual natural language processing to advise and assist in DH research and infrastructure projects across the faculty. Els teaches Terminology and Translation Technology, Introduction to Translation Technology, Localisation and Digital Humanities courses.