Alejandro Benito-Santos


My name is Alejandro Benito-Santos, and I’m a postdoc at Salvador Ros’s group working at the intersection of textual analysis, digital humanities, information visualisation and HCI.

My first approach to working with unstructured and semistructured text occurred several years ago when I was starting my master’s thesis, in which I designed an interactive visual analytics system that allowed users to navigate a historical dictionary given in TEI format. During the training, I will briefly introduce one of my favourite data visualisation libraries: altair-vis.

At the Madrid Training School, I will demonstrate the main features that make Altair an excellent tool for exploratory data analysis and how it can be used to accelerate the task of extracting valuable information from a textual corpus.

I will try to make it all very example-based: we will see how we can create powerful visualisations from scratch with very little code using two main concepts of Altair: declarative programming and Wilkinson’s grammar of graphics, so bring your laptops charged and ready to write some code! 🙂