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About the Austrian Center for Digital Humanities at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ACDH-CH ÖAW)

The Austrian Center for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ACDH-CH ÖAW) has set itself the goal of strengthening the humanities through the application of digital technologies and methods and offers various services in this area. In its research, the ACDH-ÖAW team deals mainly with questions concerning texts or language, especially dialects. 


1010 Vienna, Bäckerstraße 13

Seminar rooms 1 and 2 on ground-floor level

Travel Reimbursement

  • Please note that we have a limited budget for the reimbursement of travel expenses.

  • If possible, travel expenses should be handled/covered by your respective institution.

  • In special cases, we may grant a reimbursement of up to €300 for travels from abroad within the available budget limits.

  • Participants travelling within Austria may apply for a CLARIAH-AT travel grant.

  • Participants applying for any of the above mentioned reimbursement possibilities are requested to pre-finance the travel costs and submit the corresponding invoices.


a hotel room


Accommodation for the Training School will be at the Hotel Wien-Westbahnhof Motel One. The organisers have confirmed rooms for Training School participants. 

  • Breakfast will be provided. 
  • The 4 nights from Sunday, June 9th to Thursday, June 13th will be covered by CLS Infra.

  • Any additional nights (e.g. for the CCLS 2024 conference, which takes place from June 13th – 14th) will need to be paid for by the participant.

  • Alternatively, training school participants may check out from the hotel on Thursday, June 13th and organize their individual accommodation for the rest of their stay in Vienna.

Public Transit in Vienna

Public transit around Vienna is excellent. Wiener Linien is the municipal transit authority. Tickets and passes cover all city train and subway services and nearly all tram and bus services. 

How it works

The four main forms of transport are U-Bahn (subway), Schnellbahn or S-Bahn (local train), Straßenbahn (tram) and Autobus (bus). Tickets and passes are independent of your mode of travel: a single ticket from A to B, for example, covers tram, city train, subway and bus for that journey. 

Vienna works on an honesty system with no ticket barriers at stations and no formal, permanent ticket checks on the subway, local trains, trams and buses. However, conductors and transit authorities may ask to see your Fahrschein (ticket) and you will incur a fine if you cannot produce it.

Validation machine Vienna

Where to buy tickets

Buy your tickets from ticket offices in the main stations, ticket machines in stations, the Wiener Linien online store or app, and (for some very basic tickets) from Trafik newsagents/tobacconists.

Some of the tickets you buy need to be validated in a stamping machine before boarding. Whether you need to do so should be relatively clear from the ticket.

Check this page for more: Visiting Vienna

From - person disembarking from tram

Transit + Tourism

If you plan to stay in Vienna and attend some tourist attractions, consider the Vienna City Card, a public transit pass designed for visitors. 
This 24, 48 or 72-hour network travel card for the city also qualifies you for various discounts across a 7-day period. Just about anything you’re likely to visit, watch or see offers some kind of small reduction with the Vienna City Card.

What else to do in Vienna

Sacher Torte - wikicommons

Taste of Vienna

Obviously trying a real Sacher Torte will be on the list of things to do in Vienna. Keep an eye on this space for more!