TNA Fellow Constanta Burlacu

Psalm 77 – Text Annotation and Linguistic Corpus Compilation for 16th Century Old Romanian

Constanta Burlacu is a PhD student at the University of Oxford. The Psalm 77 project looks into the possibility of developing computational support for the linguistic analysis of old Romanian, that is, into the compilation of an annotated corpus of old Romanian texts. In particular, it wants to take into account the oldest textual sources of vernacular Romanian – religious texts mainly, translated from Church Slavonic. Within the timeframe of the project only Psalm 77 will be looked at, as witnessed by seven 16th-century sources. The text will form the key core for devising a linguistic annotation tagset for old Romanian and is going to be the starting point for the compilation of a linguistic corpus for early vernacular Romanian. Based on the outcome of the Psalm 77 project, other textual sources of old Romanian will be annotated and integrated into the linguistic corpus.

The Psalm 77 Corpus is the result of a pilot project carried out in autumn 2022 which aligns all sixteenth-century Romanian versions of Psalm 77 as well as the Slavonic and the Greek texts of the same psalm. To explore the Corpus, please click on the button aside.