TNA Fellow Cassandra Ulph

Developing attribute-based sentiment analysis model for Romantic-period letters

This project addresses sentiments in relation to place (as pre-defined geographical entities and as more dynamic concepts) in the letters of Hester Piozzi, in particular her former home of Streatham Park. The pilot project, which this application forms part of, is based on a corpus drawn from The Piozzi letters, the collected letters of Hester Thrale Piozzi from the period 1783-1821, in order to test and refine a dictionary for processing of sentiment analysis on the eighteenth-century private correspondence, which will in turn be applicable for a tool to other scholars. In the long term, this tool would form part of a larger application to digitise, transcribe in open-access format as an online edition, and analyse through computational methods the unpublished correspondence of Hester held in Special Collections at the University of Manchester.